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Return on Your Investment

return on investment - hand holding moneyInstalling the right roof over your head can do more than keep out the weather, it can help keep money in your pocket. Investing a bit more money into your roof up front can end up saving lots of money in the long run. There are several ways that a roofing system and its products can greatly benefit a homeowner.

Quality Products

Using Quality products and replacing the right components while re-roofing your home can greatly increase the lifespan of your roofing system and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Class 4 Impact rated shingles

A Class 4 Impact rated shingle is designed by the manufacture to have a much greater hail resistance than the average shingle. A class 4 shingle must pass stringent testing through the manufacture and Underwriters Laboratories before it passes the UL-2218 test and gets its class 4 impact rated stamp of approval. Insurance companies like the assurance of a superior hail impact rated product on the roof and many Insurance providers offer a substantial discount off the annual premium. Ask your insurance provider what discounts they offer with impact rated shingles.

Proper Ventilation

Increased ventilation or properly balancing attic airflow can greatly reduce attic temperatures. Reduced attic temperatures will results in a cooler house in the summer and noticeable decrease in your energy and cooling bills. A cooler attic space will also increase the lifespan of your roof saving you money while staying cool at the same time.

Attic Insulation

Adding additional blown in insulation into your attic is another great way to help improve your homes energy efficacy. Often time’s homes do not have enough attic insulation. Heat naturally rises and 90% of heat loss in a home is through the ceiling. One of the best times to re insulate an attic space is during the re-roofing process. Blow in insulation can be messy, however if you have it done during the re-roofing process access can be made to the attic through the roof keeping all of the hoses, equipment and mess that comes with it far away from the inside of your home. Adding an additional layer of blown in insulation is a great way to keep your energy bills in check.

Reflective Insulation and Thermo Barriers

When properly utilized Reflective insulation and low E thermo Barriers are an excellent and cost effective solution to keeping heat out in the summer and keeping it in winter. Reflective insulation and thermo barriers block 97% of radiant heat transfer which ultimately helps keep energy bills low and money in your pocket