If you are Selling your house it is best practice to have a reputable roofing company out to do an inspection before you put your house on the market for many reasons.

When a hailstorm occurs, it leaves countless roofs damaged, many of the homeowners do not know their roof was harmed from the hailstorm until they try and sell their house and get under contract with a buyer.  The buyer will hire an inspector on the property most the time. During the inspection process is when the seller of the house will find out from the buyer’s inspector that you have hail damage and you need a new roof before closing.

Most people find out their roof has damaged or needs to be replaced during the inspection process. Typically, this is a week or 2 before closing.  If the roof has hail/wind damage that you do not know about, as many do in Colorado, the inspector will put on his report to replace the roof.  At this point in time you are calling insurance companies seeing how fast they can send an adjuster out to look at the roof and workout a scope of work with the contractor. From there the contractor has to line up many things such as delivery, crews and working around weather. Then they can install the roof. Getting this done without pushing back your closing is much like needing a touch down to win the game in the 4th quarter with 20 seconds left on the clock in the 20-yard line. It can be done, but everyone has to work as a team.  There is a lot less stress if you know about the damage before you put the house on the market.

The other benefit of getting your roof inspected is if you have to replace the roof, it will add lots value to your resale. You also can add upgrades like class‐4 Hail resistant shingles that have massive amounts of upside in Colorado.

You may qualify to save 20-30% off your insurance premiums yearly with a UL-2218 class-4 shingle discount. If you replace the roof after inspection.  This will add tons of value for you and the new buyer that they should be willing to pay more for the house.

At Bold Brothers Roofing we work with many homeowners, real-estate agents, and insurance agents  to help them with their roofing needs during the sale of a property.  We are always happy to go out and give a free estimate are give you an evaluation of your roof with our professional opinion.


Do You Need A New Roof?

Several signs can tell you that you need a new roof; hence you don’t need to wait until the ceiling starts leaking. The signs include;

  • A leaking roof is a sign that you need a new roof, and it shows through a leak in the attic. All the symptoms of a leaking roof can be seen when you climb the ceiling with a flashlight and check your roof’s condition. Stains and streaks on the attic are a symbol of a leaking roof.
  • Check your roof warranty to know whether you need a new roof because the time when a roof was installed can tell you whether it’s time for a replacement.
  • Check your roof shingles after a hailstorm or heavy rains to see if the shingle lay flat against your roof. Gutters and granules that have lost shingles or have cracks, among other damages, show that your roof needs replacement.
  • Examine your roof flashing, especially around chimneys or vents for leaks or cracks in the seams. These are signs that can show you that your roof needs a replacement.
  • When you notice that your roof is sagging, it’s also a sign that you need to replace it as soon as possible.
  • Lastly, if you see molds, moss, or fungi growing on your ceiling, it’s a sign that you need to replace your roof because there is trapped moisture in the attic

Does It Need To Be Replaced Or Patched?

When you own a home, there are many things you need to beware of, like the care or attention of a roof. To understand when to repair or patch a roof can be hard for a homeowner. The signs to look out for are explained below.

  • Rotting ceiling, curling or cracking shingles, and discoloration of ceilings due to moss and fungi are signs that you need to replace the roof.
  • Sagged roof or an indoor leak is also a sign that the roof needs to be replaced.
  • You can Patch or repair the roof when it has minor damage like missing shingles or a small leak.

Benefits of Getting Your Roof Inspected

  • You quickly identify water damages early and cut on costs of fixing leaks before they get worse, or the need to install new ones arises.
  • You end up saving a lot and cutting on costs for replacing the attic with a new one once you repair or conduct regular maintenance practices after inspection.
  • It makes the process of insurance claims easy, and filing for approval of refund after roof damages gets simpler.
  • Your roofs life improves mainly through regular inspection and maintenance practices.

Don’t Know If There Is Damage or Not?

From the signs like irregular leaks or a lot of mold growing in the attic, you can quickly tell that your roof is damaged. Sagging of ceilings is also a sign that your roof has damaged.


At Bold Brothers Roofing we work with many homeowners and Insurance agents. We are always happy to go out and give a free estimate and give you an evaluation of your roof with our professional opinion. Please call us at 720-999-5797 or fill out our quote form.